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Great Value Tactical Gloves

by haisong zhang 15 Apr 2021 0 Comments
Great Value Tactical Gloves

They keep your hands warm in cold weather without making your palms sweaty. The touch screen function works perfectly. The knuckles are made of some very strong material (I would guess hard polyurethane) or something like that. They have a really good grip on tools, guns, steering wheel, stick shift, and for a pair of gloves with hard knuckles they are still very comfortable. Don’t expect these gloves to be as comfortable as cotton gloves or any pair of gloves without hard knuckles, but the extra protection definitely pays off.

My best advice is: if you are a practical person who is always seeking the best utility out of every object you have with you, then this is definitely the gloves for you. Don’t spend your money on nothing else. These gloves will definitely serve you well.

I got this gloves to use as shooting gloves for my weekly practice range. The color of coyote tan is matching perfectly with my rifle case bag, and it fit perfectly on the pocket. I liked the idea of the extra added carbon fiber in knuckle protection which is very cool. I am very happy with this gloves, it fit great on me, very comfortable and it is not losing control while I am pulling trigger. The fingers are touch screen capable which is very convenience for me when I am using it. I have tried on wash and dry with this gloves and it still looks very good after it. But I prefer don't use machine dry as it will run little bit smaller.

I will definitely buy more with other colors on this tactical gloves, because the green and black colors is killing me as well. Overall 5 stars great value gloves!

Firt impression after putting it on is the size is little tight. I guess I have average size adault hands and with the large size, it is a tight but confortable fit. Overall quality is very good but I notice a litte loose threads at some of the corners that need a little cleaning up, it took me a minute of time and a pair of sissor and finish that job. The fiberglass knucles protection worked very well, making a fist and lightly hitting on a hard surface doesn't feel much pain at all. The two leather patched finger tips are a nice touch as the worked very well on my phone where I can scrow pages and even type on the phone with them (only if I have to). Not sure how long will these last but it appeared to be fine quality and as long as I don't rough them, it should be fine for a long time.

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