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Highly recommended!! High quality bag!

by haisong zhang 14 Apr 2021 0 Comments
Highly recommended!! High quality bag!
I have a small cabin boat in a marina and i planned to stay on it for a few days. So i had to provision it. I get from the parking lot to the boat on a 2 wheel electric scooter with a seat so my options were limited and i only wanted to make one trip. So a backpack was the way to go. I bought this one. It carried my electronics, some clothes, a camera, food, etc. this, with a few plastic bags of stuff hung off the handle bars, did the trick. The best part of this pack is the 2 straps it has to hold and stabilize the unit. One goes across the upper chest and the other around your waist. The waist strap transfers the weight of the pack to your hips which is a great help. So you have a stable load whose weight is transferred down to a stronger part of your body. I use the thing all the time now going to the boat. It’s great.
Very confortable and has a very customizable touch with a velcro strap at the front which makes it easy to customize. All the zippers work great no stuck so far, I've taken this bag to couple of trips already and holds up very well! All my stuff goes in without any trouble! And has more that enough room to hold your electronics basics, laptop charger, external hard drive, cables, external battery charger, mouse, cooling station for laptop and books.
I can’t rate durability yet because I haven’t put it through it’s paces. However, the bag seems of high quality for the price. The material is thick and a bit stiff. The zippers seem to be heavy duty. Pictures don’t really justify the bags size. It’s a pretty big bag. I’m using this for a range bag/bug out bag and it’s going to be perfect for it. It does have a place for a camelback bag, but it does not come with the camelback. Great buy for the price I would say.
I have always preferred backpacks over suitcases. A while back my old leather one that I had used for 20 plus years, wore out. I replaced it but was not satisfied, the new one didn't seem to hold as much. I was reading about some German camping equipment and this bag showed as an alternative. I am very glad I found it. Can't believe how much can be packed in this bag and how well items can be organised. It is too soon to say how long it will last, but I'm guessing longer than me.
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