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This down jacket is a great bargain at the price it sells for here on Hardland.

by haisong zhang 13 May 2021 0 Comments
This down jacket is a great bargain at the price it sells for here on Hardland.
This jacket is a great bargain at the price it sells for here on Hardland.

Why do I think this is a good deal? This is not the best down jacket you can buy. This should really be thought of as a 'down sweater' and not a jacket. This does not have a lot of features. This has good down, but does not have the highest quality down ( 650 dfp (down fill power) vs 850 dfp or 900 dfp. This does not have down treated with a hydrophillic process to make the down more water proof.

However, this is a really good, bargain down jacket.

It has quality down. when dfp ratings started being used, 400 to 500 was the most common, ordinary, jacket fill. 650 used to be considered very 'high end'. Most of the ultra-expensive coats and jackets that Canada Goose sells use 650 dfp down. Things have changed and the high end is much higher now, but 650 dfp is still good.

There are better jackets that are much more expensive, but this jacket is a good jacket for $69.

If the jacket had 2 of any of the following 3 features, I think it would be worth the retail price of $99:
1) A hem drawstring, instead of the elastic it has.
2) A zippered chest pocket (inside or outside) for a phone.
3) a double zipper on one of the pockets, so the jacket can be stored in its own pocket.

This jacket lacks all of those features. They are all pretty basic. If it had any 2 of those 3, I'd class it as a $99 jacket.

This is not a jacket that will get you across Antartica on a dog sled, but it will meet the needs of many people out there.

I've worn this jacket in weather ranging from 0º F to 45º F. Alone, it is good down to about 32º F, if it isn't freezing rain out. Below that temperature, I usually combine it with a fleece hoody underneath this jacket.

It was 24ºF today on my way to work and I wore the fleece hoody/EB cirruslite down jacket combo and was pretty warm. If it is wet out, I'll wear this jacket under a waterproof shell. The coldest weather, and I combine the three layers: Fleece hoody, down sweater, gore-tex shell. That can take me down to the 0º F easily. I'll see if I can use that combo even lower this January. It just hasn't gotten that cold yet.

Workmanship is fine. Remember this is a $69 dollar jacket. I found one hanging thread I cut off. It wasn't a loose thread, just extra. The first few days, a few of the very tiny down feathers came out near some seems. I have had this with every down jacket I have owned. The very smallest feathers fit through the larger sew holes. It happens, but it doesn't really leak down.

To sum it up, it is worth the price charged here on Hardland. You can get jackets with more feartures, but they cost more. You can get jackets with better down, or better fabrics but you won't get them for $69.

Jackets like the Montbell Alpine Lite, REI Magma 850 2.0, or Patagonia down sweater have more features, better fabric and better down. They retail for $209 to $229. You'll see extra features like zipper storm flaps, zippered chest pockets, fleece lined collars, water resistant down and more on these other jackets. Features that are not present on this jacket. They also cost from $140 to $170 more than this jacket does.

This is a great bargain for the price, it can be a really good part of any layered winter system, and you can buy 3 or 4 of these for the price of a high end brand name lite down jacket.

I've added pictures of the one loose thread, and one of the very small feathers that came out (the feather is so small it is hard to see).

I've added pictures of how I layer the jacket with the fleece and the outer shell when needed.

This is a good deal, has responsibly sourced down and is pretty well made. If you want more features, there are plenty of other down jackets with more features.
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