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By FAR the best BDU / tactical pants I have ever owned

by zhanghaisong 01 Apr 2021 0 Comments
By FAR the best BDU / tactical pants I have ever owned

I spent 11 1/2 years in an occupation where I had a professional need for BDU / tactical pants and this brand is by far the best.

A few of my favorite features are:

1. The fit is fantastic. They are not baggy yet you have a lot of flexibility.

2. The fabric is thick but not hot. Very well made and very durable.

3. The pocket placement and number of pockets is amazing and intuitive. I am impressed with they way they are setup and the access to any given pocket is ergonomic. Also. the pocket are secure so you don't have to worry about losing items.

4. Pockets are stitched inside the main pant body as opposed to being stuck on the exterior of the pant therefore making them less prone to ripping.

I wish I had discovered this brand long ago. If you are considering a tactical pant I would highly recommend them. They look great, fit great and are perfect for casual use, professional use such as law enforcement, military, paramedic and so on, hiking, hunting and more. I even wear them when doing work around the house. They are so comfortable and they are of very high quality. Additionally they look good enough to wear in a casual office environment as opposed to something like dockers. I would not feel out of place wearing them in an office setting - they a tactical design but subtle and very clean design. You can not go wrong with this brand. I will be buying many more pairs.


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