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Great Tactical Shorts, Fit And Wear Well And Are More Comfortable Than Most

by haisong zhang 01 Apr 2021 0 Comments
Great Tactical Shorts, Fit And Wear Well And Are More Comfortable Than Most

I was looking for a good pair of hiking shorts, and went with these. These shorts are 35% cotton, so they were heavier than I was expecting. I'll keep them anyway, as they appear to be well constructed, and fit really well. I'm a 31 waist, and ordered the size 30 shorts knowing that they had some "stretch" built-in. I was afraid they might be too tight, but they fit nicely. Not too snug, but tight enough so they can be worn w/o a belt. The stitching looks good, and the zippers work and appear to be of good quality. The shorts look good; if a tad long for my taste. They are marketed as "urban survival shorts". Honestly, I'm not sure what that means, but there are plenty of pockets with good closure for security.

As noted; I was really looking for a lightweight pair of hiking shorts; something that would dry quickly and pack really easily w/ little bulk. Toward that end, I was hoping for some mesh pockets and interior crotch. These have neither. Still, the quality is good, and they're comfortable. They may not be exactly what I was looking for, but they're nice shorts. They are as advertised.

I've tried others like 5.11 and the material on these Hard Land seem to strike the right balance of being strong and tough without being too scratch, stiff and uncomfortable. I've been using a pair of their long pants for USPSA competition and with Summer here needed a short pair to stay cool but still wear well and fit well. These are perfect. I'm 6ft 0in tall and normally wear a 32" leg for long pants, the 9.5" inseam is just about right -- falling just above my knee -- any longer and they'd be too long (for me) since I don't want that uncomfortable feeling pulling over my knee when you sit. I normally look for about a 9" inseam on shorts. So for those with shorter legs you might consider something shorter if this bothers you.

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