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Durable and Long-lasting, Can't go wrong for the price!

by haisong zhang 20 May 2021 0 Comments
Durable and Long-lasting, Can't go wrong for the price!
Bought these to add to my collection; I bought a couple pair last year - and honestly all of my Hardland items have been top notch, with one minor exception I'll detail later.
The fit and sturdiness of these sohrts is nothing less than amazing. They keep their color thru multiple washings, and the waterproofing (which I believe is scotchgard?) seems to last as well (though you'll probably want to re-apply after a while - some of the pairs of my pants seem like they could use another coat).
These have plenty of pockets on the outside to handle just about anything you need, the extra gusseting in critical areas like the crotch and seat perform excellently. I'm looking at a pair of my older shorts right now, and they look almost as good as the day I bought them, and I've worn them regularly, both while hiking and daily activities. The hems show no sign of extreme wear at the edges; no fraying or anything like that.
The construction of these shorts is much better than anything you can buy elsewhere in my opinion at the same price-point. The only downsides I have noticed - and this applies also to some tactical Hardland pants I have bought in the past - have to do with two areas: The beltloops need a double-stitch or something on the bottom and top; I found when I got into a car that they would "catch" and tore away. Doesn't happen every time, but does happen. Same thing with the rear pockets; they are buttoned, not velcro'd like the front pockets, and the flap would catch on things, and pop the buttons off.
I'd like to see them use velcro closures there instead. Other than those small weaknesses, they've performed beautifully, and even with such damage, they continue to perform well, which is a testament to their overall durability.
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