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Best Snow Pants I've owned

by haisong zhang 14 Oct 2021 0 Comments
Best Snow Pants I've owned
These things are LEGIT! The material is really high quality and the color is super unique. I am 6'3" and they fit perfect. They are a little long without boots on but when you put ski or snowboard boots on the length is spot on for me. The waist fits well also. I will probably switch out the belt but the one it comes with is just fine. It does come out of the first belt loop sometimes but it's easy to put back through. If I had to have one complaint about the pants, it'd be that they aren't super stretch but I don't know if they make stretch snow pants. The sewing seems to be really good and the fabric feels light but really thick. I look forward to putting in some good runs with these. All in all a really solid product!
I’ve been snowboarding for over 15 years and in the past year have become addicted to this brand. It’s a breath of fresh air to find a reputable company who takes pride in manufacturing extremely quality products for a great price. I switched from pants that were leaving my butt cold and wet to these with no regrets! Just got back from a week trip to Co and not once did the pants leave me anything but warm and dry.
I have used the Hardland Men's Ski Pants . They fit just right as expected with enough room for layering underneath. I skied in windy, snowy conditions at 20 degrees, and the pants kept me snug, dry and warm with 1 thermal pants inside. The pockets are handy and I keep a couple of hankies and keys in them. The vents inside the thighs are great for warm days and inside the lodge. I have complete freedom of movement in these pants and they are easy to get into. The snow collar keeps snow out of my boots even when I take a spinning slide through the crud.
Performance, convenience, function and quality are outstanding for the price. These pants a great overall value. I love them.
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